Virtual Assisting for Event Planners

let my planning knowledge work for you


What is Virtual Assisting?

With Ginger Bee, Virtual Assisting is remote help for all the background planning projects you WANT to make time for but struggle to get done.


It’s easy to prioritize your to-dos by what’s urgent, by what you like to do, or by whichever squeaky wheel client is emailing you at that moment. Unfortunately, the to-do list items that aren’t urgent - but could really bump up your business - fall by the wayside. I want to be the person that steps in and does those things for you! You’ll be working as you always do and your business will sneakily (…that’s a word, right?) be moving forward in the background!

photo by Mackenzie Schieck

What is different about Ginger Bee?

I can offer 6 years of REAL wedding and event planning experience. You won’t have to explain all the small details to get me up to speed. If you are thinking of a task, I’ve likely already done it for my own business…So! This makes our road to getting real work done easy and short.

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How will this work?

Once we begin, we have the same timeline points every month:

  • I email you the plan and request homework

  • Homework deadline

  • I am completing your work

  • I send a recap email with video

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Fine, so how much?

My services start at $32/hour. The more time you commit to working with me, the less you have to pay!

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